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Advent Candle

Advent Candle

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Each chunky candle features carefully marked numbers, representing the countdown to Christmas. It's a delightful ritual to light one number per day, building excitement and anticipation with each passing evening. As the days draw closer to the grand celebration, the candlelight fills your home with a sense of wonder and joy. These candles burn evenly and do not drip. These don’t need to go in a holder as they do not drip and are chunky/sturdy to stand alone. If you wish to put on a candle plate you can of course can!

Made of natural, vegetable stearin wax. Colours and decorations are handmade natural materials suitable for burning.

We advise to burn your candle around 2 hours per day, because this is how much takes burning from one number to another

H: 29 cm, W: 5 cm

Burning Time: 50 h 

Each candle is unique and the colour is hand dipped. 

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