The benefits of bamboo socks

The benefits of bamboo socks

We have always stocked bamboo socks since opening our doors back in 2017. Regardless of the patterns and styles, they have continued to be extremely popular as they make ideal gifts not to mention how soft and practical they are.

People often ask us “why bamboo?” and “what’s the difference between bamboo or cotton?” 

After all, a sock is just a sock, right? Wrong!

Bamboo has so many unique features which help to make it a more superior sock compared to their cotton cousins. Below we aim to answer some of the most common questions we get asked about bamboo socks.

What are the main differences between bamboo socks and cotton socks?

Where to begin?! There are so many benefits to choosing bamboo over cotton.

Bamboo is a natural material, just like cotton. However, bamboo is more of an eco-friendly material to grow and use compared to cotton. Bamboo only uses 10% of the land to grow than cotton. It is fast growing, sustainable (in its raw form), requires no additional watering other than the natural rainfall and does not require chemicals to support the growing process. All of these things mean that it is more kind to our precious planet to grow. 

Bamboo is without doubt a much softer material to wear than cotton; it really is not difficult to ascertain the difference between the two. Bamboo socks are a literal treat for the feet to wear.

Are they actually made from bamboo?

In short, yes! The fibres used to make bamboo socks are extracted from the bamboo plant and spun to make a thread which is then used to make the socks. Some of the socks we stock do contain cotton in them as well, but this is a fraction of the amount that a cotton pair of socks would use.

What are the health benefits to wearing bamboo socks?

Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal material which can help to reduce and eliminate foot odour. It is also hypoallergenic meaning that they are ideal for sensitive skin. When wearing, they help to draw moisture away from the foot due to their absorbent fibres. These magic bamboo fibres also have thermo-regulating qualities too meaning that they help to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The combination of breathability and temperature control qualities mean that bamboo socks are perfect for for people with skin allergies as it will help to not irritate the skin.

So in conclusion, bamboo socks are a pretty special product for a whole host of reasons. With a wide range of patterns and designs for both men and women in stock, they make a wonderful gift or stocking filler, or indeed a special treat for your own feet!  

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