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Belgravia Oud - Fragrance By Cave

Belgravia Oud - Fragrance By Cave

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If you know anything about Belgravia, you will understand the name given to this perfume. Its fine formula makes it such a unique character...once worn, never forgotten. We deny responsibility for any chaos this perfume may cause in your circle of friends. 

Hints of our wood for a journey into the soul of the desert. As the day goes by, the path of the sun forms twilight pattern on the dunes. Despite everything being motionless, the desert sparks to life and seduces the traveller into a loving realm. Designed for enthusiasts of rare scents.

Belgravia Oud focuses the glory of infinity into one of the most ancient elements in perfume - out wood. A defiant ingredient, so intoxicatingly lovely that Cave's perfumer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has blended with a touch of benzoin and raspberry accords. Miles away, a smoky trail of incense floats towards the heavens. Oud has never been so mysterious.



10ml or 50ml


Please note, the 50ml bottle currently comes in a small black box, not in the advertised cylinder black box. A white Cave gift bag can be provided upon request.

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