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'Goodbye Anxiety' Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

'Goodbye Anxiety' Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

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“Goodbye Anxiety” natural dog shampoo bar is perfect for those doggies who get anxious during bath-time. The gentle aroma of lavender & chamomile emit calming properties to assist easing signs of anxiety in your dog whilst you rub-a-dub-dub.

Benefits of this shampoo bar:

* Lavender essential oil aromatherapy can assist in reducing the signs of stress, and anxiety whilst bathing.

* Lavender essential oil properly prepared, used topically on dogs can work wonders to soothe itching, irritation and inflammation.

* Natural and gentle yet cleansing formula that lathers up to a bubbly delight

* ZERO synthetic fragrance oils - synthetic fragrance oils can trigger allergy symptoms in pets and people.

Made in the United Kingdom.

Net weight 80g

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