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Hand Felted Wool Mule Slippers (PINK size 39/6)

Hand Felted Wool Mule Slippers (PINK size 39/6)

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These beautiful felt wool mule slippers are handmade by in the Kirtipur region of Kathmandu by a predominantly female team of artisans. Felting is a time-consuming and skilled process which involves dampening & moulding layers of pure sheep wool before drying the felted upper & carefully machine stitching the soft suede sole in place.

Being 100% wool, these felt mule slippers regulate foot temperature effectively and naturally, limiting your need to tweak that thermostat when you're working from home.


All slippers come in a Cosy Buddha cotton drawstring bag.


All our felt mule unisex slippers are made from hand-spun, museling-free 100% sheep wool.

Wool is one of the most resilient and sustainable fabrics in the world: renewable, biodegradable and requiring little water in its production. Wool is a natural insulator, is breathable, moisture-wicking, naturally anti- bacterial and, therefore, odour resistant.


If you do spill something on your felt mule slippers, don't panic! Spot clean the area with a damp cloth as soon as possible - do not submerge in water as the slippers will lose their shape. A small dab of wool detergent on a damp cloth can help remove a more stubborn splodge.

As these unisex slippers are made from 100% wool and not a synthetic wool mix, some natural bobbling can occur over time. Simply pick off the bobbles by hand or use a handheld debobbling tool or bathroom razor to gently remove any pilling build up.

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